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Greg’s success over the next 10 years led him to become one of the largest and fastest growing Auto Detailing business opportunity companies by providing a powerful training and marketing turnkey system which included Training Manuals,Training Videos, and Audio training tapes. ​​

Within just a few short years of launching his business, Greg started receiving interest from other local entrepreneurs both men and women who wanted Greg to teach them what he had learned not just in the art of Detailing, but the challenges associated with the start-up of marketing and advertising a Detailing service.​

He was also featured in one of the leading business magazines as a top innovator and personal trainer.

After growing his company and expanding his dealer base of more than 850 individually trained business entrepreneurs in over 18 countries he decided to offer his expertise and experience in his new book to help even more entrepreneurs get started in their own successful and profitable Auto Detailing business. ​​​

Now you too can receive this invaluable Personal Training information
from one of the best instructors in the industry!​

Hundreds of Auto Enthusiasts and Entreprenuers Trained by Greg
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